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Our Mission Statement:

“To empower persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible by providing essential support services appropriate to each individual.”

About Raps:

We are a well established non-profit agency with the expertise and knowledge to be your community care resource. If you are involved with clients on Self Managed Care, or clients involved in private hire agreements, we are the experts who can provide information, education or payroll services for individuals involved in domestic employment situations. We provide quality personalized service for or clients. RAPS has been incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta since 1981 as a nonprofit association. RAPS is a registered charitable organization. We are dependent on government, community and individual support to provide our essential services.

Service Delivery

RAPS specializes in establishing an employer/employee relationship between the individual with the disability and the Residential Aide. Placements are ongoing in nature and arranged on an hourly (part time or full time) basis to meet the personal care needs of our employers.
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